Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well so much for that....

Apparently the new gadget didn't help me get anything posted any better. I still have to get this scheduling thing down. I have the kids going great, the house cleaning is much better this second year, but the computer work and blogging are still being tweaked. I guess you really can only do so much.

We are currently in the last weeks of school and on the home stretch with TOG. We are slowly winding down in Rome as it slowly decays. The kids are enjoying the movies that are suggested as extras for the week. We watch those on Fridays for movie night and after they have read all their history for the week and we've had discussion. It is fun to hear them remember who is who and knowing some of the background for the movies.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week they did their Standford testing. A1 needed these scores to be able to apply for the Honors Society for next year. Monday was a sunny day so we had a picnic on the back lawn with Subway picked up on the way home from the first day of testing. It was really a fun lunch to sit outside eat and chat. I was surprised at how quiet it was and strange it felt to have them both gone all morning. It felt empty here. I'm not sure that I'm looking forward to them both going to work with Andy in two more years.

A2 finished his last bit today with A1 was home doing her regular work. Today it isn't sunny out at all. The farmers here are not having good planting weather. My Dad hasn't been able to even start yet. He only needed a couple more days of drying and then we might have been okay, but the pattern right now for this spring has been dry 2-3 days then rain 2-3 days. That doesn't work for the fields. Thanking the good Lord that Andy has been able to get some of the plots in for work. They have been scrambling to do that too as the rain that comes through is in large bands running north to south cover the state as it passes through and getting all the areas wet. I do like being able to check the radar where he is and being able to "see" how they are doing.

I did get most of the garden in, thanks to the raised beds we now have. We have the plants in: tomatoes(Roma for salsa, grapes to snack on, an heirloom for eating), peppers-green and jalapeno, zucchini and summer squash. I also am trying watermelon; we'll see how it goes. The peas are up that Andy planted a couple of weeks ago as well as the beets. I have green beans to get in and pumpkins, radishes, lettuce, oh, and the red onion sets, then I will be finished with the garden planting. I had to cover up the plants on Monday night when I planted them as we had a frost that same night. Good thing I happened to catch the news or all that work would have been killed-literally. Thank you Lord for the timing of everything that night.

Maybe I'll get some pictures of the garden later this week, if it quits raining.

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring.

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