Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My friend's blog

I have this really sweet friend-across the pond, as she would say.  She actually does a better job of regular posting then I've been lately.  Today, however, I'm posting here about her because she is having a give-away for this very interesting looking book and I get an extra entry for mentioning it here.  I know, it is shameful that I'm only posting right now to get a shot at this.  The schedule looks good this weekend for getting some updates in.  I've found my office, graduated A1, and am in a short down-time before the garden goes crazy(we've been watering).  I do need to work on planning A2's schedule for his junior year, but think and hope I'll be able to update and post here this weekend.  So in the meantime, head over to http://thejoyfulkeeper.blogspot.com and see what she is up to.  Have a great week everyone!