Friday, November 9, 2012

Menu For The Coming Week

Thought I would get back to blogging with our menu for the coming week.  This will at least help me to be accountable to getting that planned.  Breakfast is almost always Get Your Own; so I just make sure that most of the items are available and then everyone can choose.  Sometimes on Saturdays I will change it up and make them pancakes or French Toast or something that takes some time.  During the week it is just easier to do this.  It also helps that my kids are big enough to get their own.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I get my own and Wee One's as well. Those days I check with A2 to see if he wants what I am fixing.  My sweet husband, gets his breakfast during the week because he blesses me by letting me sleep in longer then he needs too.

Enjoy seeing how we roll here for eating.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


PS. I noticed some typos as I blew up the menu so please just pretend they aren't there.  Thank-you.