Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Blessings Part 2

For our personal Christmas Day when we spend it together we came up with the idea of a Christmas Box since we weren't exchanging gifts, except for the ornament that we get them each year. Everyone was to write down different things that they wanted to do that day. The only thing they couldn't do was put drink hot chocolate in 10 times each-yes this did come up. I said once per person was enough. So everyone made their list. The day before our Christmas(the 27th) I wrapped a box and cut the activities into strips and put them in the box. There were some that I left out, just because all of our snow had melted and were were suppose to have 60 degree temperatures that day.

After waking up and eating our cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting and hot chocolate. We got started, not opening gifts we told them, you have to draw out ALL activities. So away we went.
It was a fun filled day with laughter and surprises. No gifts were open before 3pm and we took a break for lunch-hamburgers on the grill with everything, fries(baked) and chocolate or vanilla malts. We were stuffed. So much so that when we drew out any activity involving food we skipped them. All of these were put in by A1 who must have been craving sugar at the time; make fudge, make and decorate giant sugar cookies like Martha Stewart, make and decorate gingerbread house. The activities that we did do are as follows-not in the order we did them though:
  • Watch the Princess Bride
  • A2 open 1 present(that was all there was)
  • Pillow fight(no memory foam pillows allowed and no head shots-3 minute time limit)
  • A2 pick a movie
  • Parcheesi
  • Darts-team
  • Chinese Fire Drill-around the house
  • Sing Christmas Carols
  • Darts-individual play
  • Sorry-5 card type
  • Chess
  • A1 open 1 present(that was all there was)
  • A1 play a song on the piano-her choice
  • Mom open a present
  • A2 play a song on the guitar
  • Take a walk to the back of our addition if it's not raining(yes, the weather was very warm for December)
  • Make Orange Julius
  • Play Sorry-5 card again
  • Do 10 push ups
  • Play Eucher
  • Kiss A1
  • Kiss Mom
  • Kiss A2
  • Kiss Dad
As you can see from the pictures with our new digital camera that we had a wonderful time and will be using this again next year, even if we exchange gifts.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.