Monday, May 18, 2009

Mom's Dictionary as defined from Our Church's Women's Ministry Newletter

The following was in our Women's Ministry Newsletter for May. It got a couple chuckles and grins from me; so I though I would pass it on to y'all. Enjoy! School is winding down and then on to planning for next year.

ADULTS: Group of people Mom longs to communicate with after several hours of talking in small words about topics like "who touched who first".

BECAUSE: Mom's reason for having kids do things which can't be explained logically.

COOK: 1. Act of preparing food for consumption. 2. Mom's other name.

DATE: Infrequent outings with Dad where Mom can enjoy worrying about the kids in a different setting.

EAT: What kids do between meals, but not at them.

GENIUSES: Amazingly, all of Mom's kids.

GUM: Adhesive for the hair.

HANDI-WIPES: Pants, shirtsleeves, drapes, etc.(Not to be forgotten the good on spit on the finger to get "something" off your face-my edit in)

"I SAID SO": Reason enough, sccording to Mom.

KISS: Mom medicine.


QUIET: A State of household serenity which occurs before the birth of the first child and occurs again after the last child has left for college.

REFRIGERATOR: Combination art gallery and air-conditioner for the kitchen.

SCREAMING: Home P.A. System.(Actually the whistle that was suggested at Coach Mom works way better then the Home P.A. System-found this out when I had no voice from thyroid surgery)

SWEATER: Magically charmed article of clothing that can ward away colds, flu and even pneumonia.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed these! Anne W

Anonymous said...

Isn't it time for a new blog entry? I sure would like to know how you are doing.