Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Wishes and Apologies

I again am going to have to ask for forgiveness for my inconsistent postings. I seem to go in spurts and fits of writing and really just need to put it physically on the schedule so that it will happen. I find if it isn't on there then I seem to forget that it needs to be done, unless it is in my face daily like the laundry or dishes that need washed.

I've been getting more consistent at a few things in my life: working out daily and getting my health back on track. My friends are a wonderful accountability group to help with this and an encouragement. A little bit at a time and eventually I might get there. Probably not until I get home to heaven, but I can continue to strive for it.

Supper plans are calling. Nothing big tonight, in fact, not healthy at all, unless you count the fact that the hot dogs don't have any nitrates in them. On occasion, I do digress. It usually happens when I haven't planned ahead or spent the day in the office getting caught up on regular paperwork, filing, school grading and posting of the grades and computer inbox cleaning out.

Tonight is usually homemade pizza night and movie night. However, since it is Good Friday and we have church service that should be a wonderful time this evening, the pizza and movie are both probably going to be postponed to tomorrow night. The movie still has a shot at making the screen tonight. That would depend on how much we all talk to our friends after the service tonight.

Enjoy your Easter Celebration this weekend, whether you are with extended family or just your immediate family. I am so very thankful for the sacrifice that my Heavenly Father made of His Son for my failings and sin. So humbled that Jesus would take that harsh punishment for me. I feel so loved when I think of this and full of hope and joy as I think of the day when I'll finally be able to thank them in person.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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