Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Planning for the New Year

Planning for the new year is underway a lot later than I had planned, but apparently with the events that came up, this was God's timing for it. I have gotten wonderful ideas and support from the wonderful ladies at our TOG support list. Not just for planning, but for laughter to my day.

My perfectionist tendencies were rearing their ugly head. I had envisioned all study questions reformatted and printed out. Cool covers made using my scrap booking items and all items put together ready to hand out. Now with school starting in 6 weeks I won't have time to do all that I had envisioned. God's way of taming me was the time factor and a sweet lady from my support group with a different way of making the workbooks. Her last statement was BE FREE. It was a breath of fresh air. Now instead I am using my page protected questions placed in their 3 ring binders with paper behind to write notes on. When I asked A2 if that was okay, because of course in my excitement I had said I would make him a workbook where it would be reformatted and done up cool, he was so sweet. He said, "Sure Mom, besides the time you said you would now save, which isn't as big a deal as all the paper you'll save and the ink." Bless his sweet heart. We have been reading a lot of books this summer on going green. Something we are finding that we do fairly well at anyway. A1 wasn't apprised of the new format because her work was going to be done this way anyway for her high school(Rhetoric level for classic home schoolers).

I have been working slowly but surely on getting HST + figured out and planning done there so that A1 will have a beautiful transcript for college. I haven't put in any fake grades yet to test the transcript option, but when I finish a section of a few assignments I will. If that isn't it then I will head back to the drawing board. The Math for both kids is all in and planned out with the topics typed. Our resource list is entered for the first 9 week unit of Year 1 with Tapestry of Grace.

I am in the process of getting them on my blog roll so you can meet these awesome ladies and see how sweet they are. Currently on my blog roll is my dear, sweet, crazy friend who happens to be my awesome, crazy Christian yoga teacher. We have a wonderful time in devotions before each class and she is awesome at tying our devotions into what we are doing for the day. We know when she prays for us to have a really fun time with our class today we are in deep trouble and probably going to be tired and sore the next day.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for seeing what lessons we are learning today.

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Polly said...

I loooooove your blog! I also looooove YOU, of course! A2 is adorable by the way. He is a muffin! Be sure to get some sleep so we can have fun in yoga tomorrow! :)